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What to Expect...

While the massage itself lasts for either sixty minutes or ninety minutes, we recommend taking advantage of all the facilities we offer to enhance your massage experience.

Upon arriving at the studio you will be taken up to your massage room. There, you will be offered a robe or towel and you can undress and then go downstairs to use the spa facilities. One scenario might be to stretch out in the dry sauna room for five to ten minutes, and then take a shower to cool down, towel off, and then come back up to your room for the sixty or ninety minutes of massage. After the massage you will have the option of taking another shower. Alternatively, you could spend a short time in the dry sauna followed by a cooling shower, before returning to your room to dress and embrace the rest of your day.


If you would like additional information,
please call our office in Portland at (503) 421-5172