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Massage Styles:


Swedish Massage

This is the most well known style of massage in this country. It is also the minimum skill an LMT needs to be able to practice in the state of Oregon. This style of massage incorporates friction, kneading, tapping and long gliding strokes. The pressure can be either light or deep depending on the clients needs, and personal tastes. This form of massage is also most often associated with the relaxation massage brings about.


Deep Tissue Massage

This form of massage uses a more directed pressure to work deep into the muscle and connective tissue to release muscle tension, break down adhesions, and loosen tight connective tissue. This technique works well for both preparation for, and recovery from, sporting activities. Deep tissue massage can relieve muscular tension, strains, and spasms, lessen pain, shorten post event recovery, and aid healing of ligament sprains.


Thai Massage

A traditional style of massage practiced in large areas of southeast Asia. This form of massage incorporates stretching, acupressure, movement, and jostling. Unlike many forms of massage the massage table is lowered to floor level allowing the masseur more leverage for many of the stretches.


Couples Massage

This is a great way for friends or couples to enjoy the spa experience together. The studio belongs to just you two. You may use the sauna, and shower together and then receive your massages at the same time. No need for waiting in line to trade places. When you are both finished with the spa facilities, both masseurs will be waiting to give you each your personal massage. A great experience to share with a good friend or with someone special.


Tandem (Four Hand) Massage

Enjoy two masseurs working on your body at the same time. Four hands working in tandem to soothe and relax your body. This is truly an unique experience and great way to treat yourself.



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